Social Target helps clients plan and implement intelligence and analytics capabilities based on social media activity and other available data. Founded in 2006, we track the global market for social media intelligence and analytics to maintain the awareness to match each client’s needs to the best available technologies and methods.

Our pragmatic approach emphasizes matching mission-oriented questions to the best data and analytical methods for answering them. We do not recommend meaningless metrics that may be popular, and when social media analysis techniques are not the best approach, we say so. Social media intelligence offers a set of tools and techniques for supporting a mission, and we make a point of keeping the focus on our clients’ real objectives.

Social Target also publishes Social Media Analysis, the online source for industry news, and a free, global directory of technology providers in the market.

Based in Apex, NC, we are a virtual firm with specialists located around the United States and referral relationships around the world.

About Nathan

Nathan Gilliatt is the principal of Social Target, a research and consulting firm that helps clients establish intelligence and analytics capabilities based on social media and other sources. An independent analyst on the business of social media analysis since 2006, Nathan advises both buyers and sellers in the market.

Nathan blogs at The Net-Savvy Executive and tracks industry news at Social Media Analysis.

In a market populated mostly by specialists, Nathan maintains a broader perspective on the intersection of analytics and intelligence disciplines with an expanding universe of data sources and analytical methods. With the realization that social media analysis works in different ways for different organizations and roles, Nathan has advised private sector and government entities on the state of the available technology and how it might support their missions.

Nathan has worked in the space between emerging Internet technologies and their practical value to real people since 1991. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Nathan also holds an M.A. in communications management from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.