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January 2, 2014

Software Updates, 3 January 2014

Recently announced software updates: Silverbakk Silverbakk Measure: LinkedIn and Instagram account metrics, tags, advanced search, word clouds, customizable dashboards and reports, new API. Viralheat Foursquare integration....

August 30, 2012

Software Updates, 31 August 2012

Recently announced software updates: SilverbakkInstagram coverage. TrackurInfluenceRank and sentiment scores in export files and API output. ViralheatRedesigned daily alert email....

September 29, 2011

Software Updates, 30 September 2011

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchComponent previews, live updates, UI (PDF). DigimindDigimind 9: instant search, influence ranking, social media monitoring. eCairnInfluencer directory. LithiumMulti-lingual search. NetvibesNetvibes Premium: source management, analytics, alerts (PR). SilverbakkUser-added sources....

September 22, 2011

Software Updates, 23 September 2011

Recently announced software updates: MutualMindMultiple filter selection. SilverbakkBlog lists. Spiral16Query builder. TrackurCheck for new results....

July 15, 2010

Software Updates, 16 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: NetBaseConsumerBase: more sound bites, grouping of similar emotions and behaviors, companies and products, improvements to the highlight widget. ObjectiveMarketernew UI, follower/fan management, new reporting interface, APIs. OvertoneOpenMic 5.3: hybrid text analysis engine, multiple word analyses and...

June 17, 2010

Software Updates, 18 June 2010

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchInternal commenting and workflow features, industry-specific sentiment classifiers in multiple languages, performance upgrades. MutualMindMutualMind 1.3.0: Facebook and Twitter authentication changes, new metrics views, custom date ranges, new Facebook statistics. NetBaseConsumerBase: resolving pronoun antecedents, improved topic sharing....

February 4, 2010

Software Updates, 5 February 2010

Recently announced software updates: Scout LabsEnding support for IE6, adding Chrome support. SilverbakkSearch within projects....

November 27, 2009

Software Updates, 27 November 2009

Recently announced software updates: AlterianSM2 4.3: Performance improvements, work flow features. ContextVoiceCoverage of and Propeller. SilverbakkUpdated report format, threshold alerts. TrackurRSS monitoring....



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