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In the third deal of 2015, Sprinklr  announced that is is acquiring the social media analysis firm Scup  to establish its presence in the Brazilian market. This latest step in Sprinklr's expansion push brings the company both additional customers and a local footprint to serve customers in Latin America.

New Papers, 19 November 2013

Software Updates, 15 November 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Adobe
    Adobe Social: Sina Weibo, YouTube integration, Tweet Deliv­ery by Coun­try, Social Authors Attri­bu­tion tool.

  • Crimson Hexagon
    Real-time trend/topic detection, Twitter metrics, improved sentiment analysis, user workspaces, new user community.

  • Crowdbabble
    New Facebook public page reporting.

  • IQBuzz
    Instagram coverage.

  • Locowise
    New Optimise Tool for Twitter.

  • Scup
    Redesigned charts, new word cloud, user activity logging.

  • Sendible
    Summary reports for Facebook and Twitter.

  • Sysomos
    Heartbeat: mobile dashboard, Facebook Like from dashboard, email alert customization, pop-up influencers list. MAP: one-step query editing.

  • Union Metrics
    TweetReach: account Trackers.

Software Updates, 16 August 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Oracle
    Simplified Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish language support, Chinese and Latin American source coverage (including Sina Weibo, Reclame Aqui and Vostu).

  • Scup
    Reply to Facebook comments.

  • Simply Measured
    Customizable themes for reports.

  • TinEye
    Sort by date.

  • uberVU
    NewsCred content.

Software Updates, 21 June 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Echobot
    Login and add users with Xing.

  • HootSuite
    Attensity integration.

  • Local Measure
    UI updates, daily email digest, Foursquare likes, iPad optimization.

  • MediaMiser
    SNAP: improved filtering by language, improved duplicate detection, batch exclusion adding, sharing buttons for items.

  • Scup
    UI updates.

  • Simplify360
    Improved Twitter analytics, integration, account usage tracking.

  • Union Metrics
    Union Metrics for Tumbler: new free account tier.

Software Updates, 17 May 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • FullContact
    Cached profile photos.

  • Introhive
    Native app for Blackberry 10 platform.

  • Itracks
    itracks Mobile: comment notifications.

  • Oracle
    Oracle Social Relationship Management: 30 UI languages.

  • Scup
    Major update: content performance metrics, Google Analytics integration, scheduled posting, segmentation options, fan page metrics.

  • Traackr
    Nimble integration.

  • Viralheat
    iPhone app.

New Papers, 14 May 2013

Software Updates, 1 February 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Engagor
    Automatic report delivery via email.

  • HootSuite
    Korean UI.

  • Recorded Future
    Source analysis: media type breakdown, reporting on events by location of sources, comparison of topics by source, segmenting sources by sentiment, speed, and scope.

  • Scup
    Google+ integration, sentiment scoring rate, published item history.

  • Sentiment Metrics
    Sentiment Metrics 3.0: major release.

  • Sysomos
    Heartbeat: publishing features, content calendar.

  • uberVU
    Redesigned reports for uberVU 2.0.

Software Updates, 16 November 2012

Recently announced software updates:

  • blueReport
    New reporting tool.

  • Dachis Group
    Collaborative reporting.

  • Dinamize
    Livebuzz: English UI, track Facebook likes and shares, subtags.

  • Engagor
    Real-time team activity updates, redesigned Publisher, inbox sorting.

  • Gnip
    New PowerTrack for Tumblr.

  • HootSuite
    Facebook features: demographic targeting, geofencing, and additional analytics in HootSuite Enterprise; in-stream private messages, search in dashboard, Facebook Stream real-time Likes and comments, event streams for all users.

  • Salesforce
    Engagement console, mobile app: One-click add to Salesforce.

  • Scup
    Twitter, Facebook page metrics; social media profiles linked to email addresses, updated reports, UI.

  • Social Report
    Real-time Twitter coverage.

  • Sprout Social
    iPad app.

  • Traackr
    Share of (Influencer) Voice report, real-time monitoring.

  • uberVU
    Folders for uberVU Signals, new alert option.

  • Viralheat
    Google+ Page management.

Software Updates, 26 October 2012

Recently announced software updates:

  • iMente
    Results grouping.

  • InsideView
    Social Key (consolidated profile/social activity view).

  • Quantum Leap
    Buzz 2.0: Facebook coverage, automatic software updates.

  • Scup
    New filtering options, additional languages, email addresses in export files.

Software Updates, 7 September 2012

Recently announced software updates:

  • AlchemyAPI
    German sentiment analysis.

  • Engage121
    UI update.

  • Netvibes
    UI update.

  • Scup
    Display Foursquare venue names, NOT/OR operators in filters, hide individual user information in sent email.

  • Syncapse
    Syncapse Platform 4.0: geo-targeted Facebook photo posts, engagement workflow improvements.

New Papers, 28 August 2012

New Papers, 24 July 2012

Software Updates, 16 March 2012

Recently announced software updates:

  • Alerti
    Source selection for alerts.

  • mBLAST
    mPACT Pro: search setup, competitors setup, keyword suggestion, optional source limits, results grouping, UI, new URLs.

  • Moreover
    Newsdesk: group dashboards, commenting, URLs in exported data.

  • Netvibes
    Netvibes Premium 1.3: report builder, data and graphics export.

  • PeerIndex
    APIs: JSONP support.

  • Scup
    Keyboard navigation.

Software Updates, 6 January 2012

Recently announced software updates:

  • Appinions
    Influence Gap.

  • BlueCamroo

  • Engagor
    Unified social inbox, scheduled posting, canned responses.

  • Scup
    Increased topic quotas at each subscription level.

Software Updates, 2 December 2011

Recently announced software updates:

  • Brandwatch
    Rule-based categorization, tagging, and sentiment coding.

  • BuzzStream
    New UI.

  • Ethority
    Gridmaster: Google+ coverage.

  • Heardable
    Location-based brand tracking, more brands tracked, emailed reports, interactive map interface, 11 social networks now monitored, tweet archive, expanded geocoding & ranking capabilities for Europe, visual site map reports, Pro UI, French & Spanish in Visitor Focus calculations, Foursquare checkin data, foreign language Tweet support, multilingual keyword clouds, "Google plus" brand profiles.

  • Livebuzz
    Facebook page coverage.

  • MutualMind
    MutualMind 1.7.6: data export, Facebook content browsing, UI.

  • PeopleBrowsr
    Playground: Kred integration.

  • Scup
    LinkedIn Groups discussions, email in contact profiles, new fields in data export.

  • Simplify360
    Mass tagging, sentiment coding, assignment; UI.

Software Updates, 4 November 2011

Recently announced software updates:

  • Aceita
    Customizable/brandable dashboard.

  • Alterian
    SM2 5.1: international UI, review site coverage, emoticon dictionary, custom sources, query builder.

  • Brandwatch
    More variables in chart builder, pop-up site/author profiles.

  • Scup
    Google+ coverage, internal commenting.

  • Simplify360
    Competitive reports for Twitter and Facebook, Facebook post analytics, fan page engagement, UI.

  • Simple Measured
    Free version of Facebook Page insights report

Software Updates, 14 October 2011

Recently announced software updates:

  • eCairn
    Customizable dashboard, influencer directory, data export.

  • Meltwater
    Meltwater Buzz 2.5: filter by country, click in reports, data export, contact database, real-time Twitter/Facebook alerts, post pictures, reporting, admin.

  • Scup
    Increased comparisons, Twitter conversations, Foursquare venue monitoring.

  • Sysomos
    MAP: Google+ coverage.

Software Updates, 16 September 2011

Recently announced software updates:

  • Brandwatch
    Bulk actions: sentiment, categories, workflow.

  • BrandsEye
    Google+ coverage, advanced RSS feeds, performance.

  • BuzzNumbers
    Email notifications, trend charts.

  • iMente
    Context-aware filters.

  • MutualMind
    MutualMind 1.7.5: nested Boolean logic.

  • Scup
    Exclusion terms.

  • Traackr
    Manual sentiment analysis.

Software Updates, 26 August 2011

Recently announced software updates:




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