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Software Updates, 23 May 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Crimson Hexagon
    New HootSuite app. pr

  • Fliptop
    Redesigned UI.

  • HootSuite
    Pinterest Business Insights, Pinterest Follower Growth, Compare Pinterest Boards, Per Pin Metrics. Also, Crimson Hexagon integration.

  • Linguamatics
    I2E 4.2: integrated charting and graphing, integration with enterprise search engines.

  • Measured Voice
    Message tags, post to Flickr with tags and titles.

  • Mention
    iOS app update: faster, offline viewing. Also, Digimind Social: sort by amount of similar mentions.

  • Netvibes
    Updated Search & Compare apps

  • Networked Insights
    SocialSense 2.0: new classification and analytics platform, Brand Health and Purchase Funnel modules, Doppler thematic discovery tool, SmartSearch.

  • Piqora
    Pinterest Business Insights, Pinterest Trends report.

  • Simplify360
    Profile without keywords, source selection of a profile and message history.

  • Simply Measured
    Revised customer service metrics for Twitter.

  • Spredfast
    Pinterest Business Insights. pr




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