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Software Updates, 20 November 2020

New analytics dashboards and interactive reports.

New image text and object recognition, review monitoring on iOS App Store and Google Play, brand groups, metrics, Instagram follower analysis.

Updated mobile app, bulk uploader tool for Google My Business, bulk reply to Facebook and Google My Business reviews, native video publishing for LinkedIn, improved reports, Social Inbox filters, Facebook Ad updates, post queues, archive brands, emailed reports.

New Papers, 17 November 2020

Software Updates, 16 October 2020

Alert comparison expanded to 15 alerts.

Daily clipping alerts.

New Help Center.

New media relationship management platform, Cision Connect.

New sentiment analysis engine, automated review response, keyword suggestion tool, Expansion Network.

CORE: new Brand Overview dashboard, Brandset view (competitor groups).

Download charts as pptx, reports as PDF and pptx.

New "yesterday" reports, add alt text in Facebook posts.

New Papers, 29 September 2020

Software Updates, 3 July 2020

Report previews, targeting pack download, new country baselines, profile gender curation.

Global print media coverage.

Branded reports.

Q2 recap.

NLP model for normalizing date data (formats and languages).

New mobile app.

Audience Insights 13.0: job titles and categories, Crisis Insights, updated ethnicity, geolocation and taxonomy.

Software Updates, 22 May 2020

Impact: article-level reach data.

Aurora Release: podcasts, Reddit, print and broadcast coverage, real-time competitor alerts, Quick Find search, labels, complex searches.

Search UI, platform-specific metadata, unpublish, updated iOS app, Seismic and Allocadia integrations.

New public emotions framework.

Social Assurance
Redesigned compose.

Facebook video analytics, feedback loop for Smart Vision.

External asset sharing, create tile with TikTok and Yelp, simplified ACLs, Organic Influencers improvements.

New Budget Optimization toolset.

New Papers, 28 April 2020

Someday, this will all be history, and our grandkids will learn about it in school. For now, the world is swimming in uncertainty, and seemingly everyone who works with data is trying to find something to contribute. In this post, I'm collecting free resources from companies in social media analysis. I'll update the list as new resources come online; if I've missed yours, let me know.

2019 ended with my main projects cutting back dramatically, and the current emergency isn't helping. My LinkedIn profile explains what I've been doing beyond this site. Do you have a project that could use some outside help?

Software Updates, 28 February 2020

Podcast coverage with TVEyes.

Rival IQ
Expanded metrics for private social analytics, export metrics to CSV, permalinks to scheduled reports.

Winter 2020 Release: many features.

February update: Google Analytics tracking for Stackla email campaign tiles, improved visual recognition models, alternate workflows for Instagram content.

New Papers, 19 November 2019

Unmetric Joins & Cision, a division of Cision, announced that it has acquired Unmetric. The company plans to merge the Unmetric product into the platform, continuing its strategy of building a unified social media marketing platform.

Software Updates, 25 October 2019

New Audiences and Activation modules.

Fjord: major release.

Cision (NYSE: CISN) announced that it has agreed to be acquired by an affiliate of Platinum Equity for $2.74 billion in cash.

Platinum Equity is a buy-and-hold investment firm with 40 companies in its portfolio.

Software Updates, 12 July 2019

New image analytics.

Cision Communications Cloud: major update, integrating TrendKite and capabilities.

WhatsApp, TOPdesk and Freshchat integrations.

New discovery interface and Universal Search.

Signals: new trend-detection and intelligence module. pr

New Papers, 23 April 2019

Cision Snaps Up TrendKite

Cision  announced that it has acquired TrendKite  for $225 million in cash and stock. The TrendKite platform will continue as a standalone product with a longer-term plan of integration into the Cision Communications Cloud product. Cision also announced the sale of its email marketing assets to an unnamed buyer in a $49 million cash deal.

TrendKite announced its intent to provide a one-stop digital PR tool when it bought Insightpool and Union Metrics in June 2018. This is Cision's second acquisition of 2019.

Cision Acquires

Cision  announced that it has acquired  to integrate social media campaigns across paid, owned, and earned media. The product will remain available separately and will also be integrated with the Cision Communications Cloud. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Cision has been a serial acquirer since its 2014 merger with Vocus. For the complete list, see SMA's acquisitions scorecard.

Cision  announced that it has acquired ShareIQ, a media intelligence platform for visual media. The ShareIQ platform will be available to Cision customers, and the company plans to integrate it into its Communications Cloud platform by the end of the year. ShareIQ will be dissolved as a company, and its leadership, product management, development and engineering teams will join Cision.

Software Updates, 29 June 2018

Vizia: Pi Datametrics integration.

Social Influencer Discovery module.

Apple News Analytics.

New Papers, 24 April 2018

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