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March 24, 2011

Software Updates, 25 March 2011

Recently announced software updates: GnipTwitter Power Track: stream compression, selection operators. NetBaseConsumerBase renamed Insight Workbench, improved likes/dislikes, domain filters. ScupUI, data export. SysomosHeartbeat: increased forum coverage, multiple Twitter accounts, weekly report option, Facebook comment moderation. TraackrEdit keywords, search management. TrendrrFacebook,...

February 2, 2011

Gnip Filters the Firehose

Gnip announced Power Track, a filtered Twitter feed service that preserves the 100% coverage level of the Firehose service. Power Track supports filtering by keyword or Boolean query, by a set of users, by location, by unwound URLs, and more....

January 13, 2011

Software Updates, 14 January 2011

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchUpdated sentiment, Norwegian and Finnish support, performance upgrades. eCairnGeolocation community map, improved Twitter and Facebook profile detection, Healthcare communities GnipExpands short URLs in Twitter firehose. SpredfastFacebook spam management, admin. TraackrSort and filter content on influencer profiles....

July 23, 2010

Software Updates, 23 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchChart component enhancements, new sentiment classifiers, improved Twitter coverage, UI tweaks. Crimson HexagonTwitter firehose integration. GnipGoogle Buzz firehose integration. Also supported by Collecta, OneRiot, PostRank, and Superfeedr. MutualMindMutualMind 1.3.2: near-real-time sentiment analysis, hourly activity charts, user-modified...

July 1, 2010

Software Updates, 2 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: BuzzNumbersBuzzNumbers 8: real-time data updates, new UI, geolocation within Australia, topics, sentiment, report generator, additional sources. GnipFacebook Graph API feeds leave beta. justSignalSignalMonitor: data export options. LexalyticsSalience 4.3: opinion mining, query-based entities, tagging, additional sources. NetBaseConsumerBase:...

April 29, 2010

Software Updates, 30 April 2010

Recently announced software updates: ClarabridgeEnterprise 4.1: Sentiment intensity, data visualization and reports, wizards and templates, enhanced anaphora support, increased online training. GnipFacebook Search API. NotecaSidebar filtering controls, improved Twitter monitoring, support for multiple Twitter accounts, manual deletion of results. PostRankEntity...

February 18, 2010

Software Updates, 19 February 2010

Recently announced software updates: IterasiUpdated browser extensions. SynthesioDynamic tag clouds, cumulative timeline, subtopic drill-down. SMA companies announcing that their products now cover Google Buzz (no chart needed to see that it's a trend): Attensity Gnip Radian6 Sysomos Viralheat (via Mashable)...

September 3, 2009

Software Updates, 4 September 2009

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchBrandwatch 3.9.18: Free-text keyword definition, expanded crawler coverage. GnipNew metadata elements, authenticated data services. NielsenBlogPulse update (via Stephen Tompkins). Radian6UI updates, trend graph filtering. Spiral16Automated sentiment analysis. ViralheatNew dashboard, threshold-based alerts....

July 7, 2009

Gnip Adds PostRank Option

Gnip and PostRank have announced a partnership that adds social media content and metadata from PostRank to Gnip's content aggregation service. PostRank (formerly AideRSS) collects RSS content and adds a proprietary engagement metric for ranking and filtering. Gnip blog PostRank...

June 4, 2009

Software Updates, 5 June 2009

Recently announced software updates: GnipSwitching to Twitter's new Streaming API in mid-June. MediaMiserTwitter integration. StartPRUI update, new paid accounts....

May 21, 2009

Software Updates, 22 May 2009

Recently announced software updates: FiltrboxReal-time alerts, monitoring and alerts filters, Twitter and post views. GnipFacebook data integration. Spinn3rSpinn3r 3.0: admin console, comment API, expanded archives, database API, improved performance. YackTrackUI redesign....

May 14, 2009

Software Updates, 15 May 2009

Recently announced software updates: AttentioBrand maps, email alerts, event detection; Twitter and Daily Motion coverage. GnipGnip API v2.1. InsideViewTwitter monitoring in SalesView....

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