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November 14, 2012

Gnip, Hottolink Partner for Japanese Twitter Analysis

Gnip and Hottolink announced a partnership to serve Twitter data in Japan. As a result of the agreement, Hottolink will gain access to Gnip's Twitter products, and Gnip will use Hottolink's technology and expertise to improve its service to Japan....

November 1, 2012

Software Updates, 2 November 2012

Recently announced software updates: AlertiFacebook fan page demographics. GnipEnterprise Data Collector: YouTube Comments API access. ManzamaManzama 3.0: UI, filters, trend analysis. MentionGA release: priority inbox, analytics, API....

September 19, 2012

Gnip Offers Complete History of Twitter

Gnip announced Historical PowerTrack for Twitter, a new data service that offers access to every public tweet since the launch of Twitter in 2006. SMA: Gnip press release blog post case study (PDF)...

August 2, 2012

Software Updates, 3 August 2012

Recently announced software updates: Engage121Updated Listen tab. EngagorUI redesign. GnipPowerTrack: new filter operators. ThismomentFacebook Open Graph publishing tool. ViralheatURL shortening, post images, publishing history....

July 19, 2012

Software Updates, 20 July 2012

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchUK location data, revised sentiment analysis. BuzzRankForum coverage. GnipDisqus PowerTrack (filtered firehose). Radian6Improved Twitter interaction. SynthesioSynthesioRank influence metric. VisibleMultiple, custom dashboards, multi-language workspaces, filter context preservation across components, expanded data export, new API features....

May 24, 2012

Software Updates, 25 May 2012

Recently announced software updates: GnipFilter by Twitter bio. mBLASTmPACT Pro: new sentiment analysis report, updates to other reports. NetvibesTab Wizard. PolecatMeaningMine: wordlists (search within a search), export to Excel, map view, UI. TeezirWebcare 2.1.1: UI and performance improvements. TraackrGeo-targeted influencer...

April 20, 2012

Software Updates, 20 April 2012

Recently announced software updates: DigimindiPhone app. EngagorUI, LinkedIn and Instagram statistics, workflow automation. GnipTumblr coverage. Moxie SoftwareIncreased Salesforce integration. NetvibesiPad app. VisibleGeographic analysis, account security, engagement....

April 12, 2012

Software Updates, 13 April 2012

Recently announced software updates: AceitaFlickr coverage. GnipSina Weibo coverage. SysomosHeartbeat: Engagement Central. TexifterDiscoverText API. uberVUFacebook Page Insights....

March 29, 2012

Software Updates, 30 March 2012

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchRandom sampling within search results, travel site coverage. FullContactName Similarity API. GnipRetweet & sample operators. LisslyTwitter integration. ViralheatViralheat 2.0: unified view of Twitter & Facebook updates, post to multiple accounts, in-dashboard engagement, analytics upgrades....

March 1, 2012

Software Updates, 2 March 2012

Recently announced software updates: GnipDisqus API. HootSuitePortuguese UI, Orkut integration (soon). PolecatMeaningMine: simple query; auto-translation and analysis of non-English content; Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube coverage; UI. Sprout SocialiPhone app: RSS reader, task tracking and assignment across groups, public conversations in...

February 17, 2012

Gnip Adds Historical Data to Twitter Data Service

Gnip announced 30-Day Replay, which adds a rolling 30-day window of historical data to the company's Twitter data feeds. SMA: Gnip press release blog post...

February 2, 2012

Software Updates, 3 February 2012

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchHorizontal bar charts, increased review site coverage, French rules-based classifier, UI. FullContactAPI v2: influence topics, Klout scores, standardized field names across networks. GnipPowerTrack: OR and nesting in filters, 1024-character rules. LivebuzzFacebook pages: sort comments by tags...

January 19, 2012

Software Updates, 20 January 2012

Recently announced software updates: Gnip100% coverage of blog posts and comments from Jetpack-powered sites, engagement streams of “likes” from and IntenseDebate. NetvibesChart and Facebook widget improvements, new Facebook Search. Radian6Mobile client: highlighted keywords, searchable topic profile and user...

November 17, 2011

Gnip Packages Data for Investment Markets

Gnip announced a partnership with StockTwits and the launch of Gnip MarketStream, a Twitter feed service for investment management clients. The new service includes a full feed of current and historical StockTwits tweets. press release blog post...

October 27, 2011

Software Updates, 28 October 2011

Recently announced software updates: EngagorMajor release: social profile management, workflow, more. GnipGoogle+ coverage. HootSuiteLocalized versions. uberVUScheduled reports, stored replies. VisibleSocial profile management, post to multiple accounts....

September 13, 2011

Twitter Introduces Analytics

Twitter announced Twitter Web Analytics, a tool for web owners to analyze traffic they receive from Twitter. An API is planned. The new tool is the result of Twitter's acquisition of BackType this summer. via GigaOM...

July 5, 2011

Twitter Acquires BackType

BackType announced that it has been acquired by Twitter . The company's BackTweets product will now be free to current users, but new registrations will not be accepted. The BackType product and API services will be discontinued. SMA's acquisitions scorecard...

June 9, 2011

Software Updates, 10 June 2011

Recently announced software updates: GnipMultiple connections to Premium Twitter Feeds. TraackrPredefined keywords for initial queries....

May 19, 2011

Software Updates, 20 May 2011

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchKeyboard shortcuts, site list filters for data downloads. ClarabridgeClarabridge 4.5: social media integration with Lithium, NM Incite, and Radian6; French and Portugese NLP, new APIs, UI, user administration. GnipTwitter feeds: Klout integration, language filtering. SysomosMAP, Heartbeat:...

April 21, 2011

Software Updates, 22 April 2011

Recently announced software updates: GnipLanguage identification for Twitter. ScupAutomatically identify social network accounts associated with an individual....

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