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November 29, 2012

Software Updates, 30 November 2012

Recently announced software updates: Brand EmbassyPost influence metric, automated tagging, workflow alerts and shift management. BuzzNumbersResults volume estimator tool, UI. eCairnSearch prebuilt tribes, switchable common word filter for topic cloud. Hottolink2channel alerts. LexalyticsSalience 5.1: Complex stems. Simplify360YouTube tracking. Simply MeasuredNew...

October 19, 2012

Salesforce Expands Insights Options

Salesforce announced the addition of 13 partners to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Insights (formerly Radian6 Insights): Bitext, Caterva, EpiAnalytics, Kanjoya Crane, Kred, LeadSift, Lexalytics, LinguaSys, Metavana, RapLeaf, Soshio, The SelfService Company, and TrendSpottr. SMA: Bitext, EpiAnalytics, Kanjoya, PeopleBrowsr (Kred), LeadSift,...

September 21, 2010

Lexalytics Speaks Tweet

Lexalytics announced new capabilities in its Salience engine to interpret emoticons, abbreviations, and slang. The update includes contextually appropriate interpretations of the @ and # symbols in Twitter. press release...

July 1, 2010

Software Updates, 2 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: BuzzNumbersBuzzNumbers 8: real-time data updates, new UI, geolocation within Australia, topics, sentiment, report generator, additional sources. GnipFacebook Graph API feeds leave beta. justSignalSignalMonitor: data export options. LexalyticsSalience 4.3: opinion mining, query-based entities, tagging, additional sources. NetBaseConsumerBase:...

March 29, 2010

Lexalytics Hosts Text Analytics API

Lexalytics announced Lexascope, a web services version of their text analytics product. The API offers sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and thematic analysis for companies to use with their own tools; Lexalytics also provides two open-source reference clients to serve as...

August 13, 2009

Automation Key to High-Volume Analysis

The future is machine speed combined with human knowledge and experience.

June 18, 2009

Software Updates, 19 June 2009

Recently announced software updates: LexalyticsAcquisition 6.4 SP1, Salience 4.1 SP1. Per-session user folders, new entity extraction model, more. Spinn3r Spinn3r 3.1: Twitter Firehose support, social media rank....

April 9, 2009

Software Updates, 10 April 2009

Recently announced software updates: eCairnSearch on symbols, post export, usability improvements. LexalyticsSalience 4.1: Entity Management Toolkit, separation of user customizations from default data files for easier management, and performance improvements. Scout LabsHistorical data, cobranded workspaces....

February 27, 2009

Software Updates, 27 February 2009

Recently announced software updates: LexalyticsEntity toolkit. Visible TechnologiesTruCast 2.5: Summary views, redesigned UI, dashboard performance, full-text search, improved data cleaning....

February 20, 2009

Software Updates, 20 February 2009

Recently announced software updates: BuzzGainSetup, boolean search, dashboard metrics, RSS output, data export. LexalyticsSentiment concepts, model-based sentiment. MoreoverLanguage detection, language tagging, Harvest Date field....

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