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New Papers, 6 June 2017

Software Updates, 5 June 2015

MeaningCloud Sentiment Analysis API 2.0: improved rules for polarity, sentiment analysis at more levels, new configuration options related to morphosyntactic analysis, performance improvements, integration with Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing API, dictionary customization.

Salience 6.1: performance improvements, flexibility for accented languages, Boolean search logic for contextualizing sentiment.

New NetBase LIVE Pulse™ Mashup dashboard.

Narrowcasting (publicly shareable displays).

Facebook topic data.

Sina Weibo analytics.

New APIs.

Software Updates, 14 November 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Actiance
    Streamlined LinkedIn profile edit review process, allow/block features for LinkedIn mobile site.

  • Bottlenose
    Bottlenose Lite (original beta) to shut down in January.

  • Brandchats
    LinkedIn Groups coverage.

  • Buzzcapture
    New Android app.

  • EngageSciences
    Major release. Improved campaign creation wizards, easier social hub creation, new curation and review screens, configurable KPI reporting, usability improvements.

  • Shoutlet
    New customer care module.

  • Socialware
    Automated content recommendation.

  • Synthesio
    Riffle by CrowdRiff integration.

  • YouScan
    Flamp, IRecommend coverage.

Software Updates, 9 May 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Lexalytics
    Italian language support.

  • Socialware
    Enhanced Review and Moderation functions, improved organization for content marketing.

  • VinTank
    Twitter Lead Generation Cards integration.

Software Updates, 19 July 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Adobe
    Adobe Social 3.0: Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram and LinkedIn integration, predictive publishing, mobile UI, reporting, collaboration.

  • Linkfluence
    Radarly: threshold-based alerts.

  • Local Measure
    New charts, summary card by network/page, top customer cards, email additional report recipients.

  • Luminoso
    Major update: Spanish, French, and German language support, new UI, administration, performance upgrades.

  • MutualMind
    Revised campaign administration, native retweet in Twitter stream, UI updates.

  • Revinate
    Revinate Mobile: iOS app for existing clients.

  • Socialware
    Compliance emphasis: access control, enhanced moderation, standard default disclosure text, archive third-party actions. Also new content creation options, bookmarklet, improved performance metrics.

  • Ubermetrics Technologies
    Tag filtering, drill-down charts.

  • Union Metrics
    Union Metrics for Tumblr: follower counts, Google Analytics integration, new price tiers.

Software Updates, 12 April 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • DataSift
    Historics: performance improvements.

  • Digimind
    SharePoint integration.

  • Socialware
    Campaign management, publishing workflow.

  • Trackur
    Support for most Western, Latin-alphabet languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Turkish; country-level geotargeting for USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Argentina, South Africa and Ireland.