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PeopleBrowsr launched Kred for Brands, a platform for identifying and analyzing influencers and their interests.

PeopleBrowsr , the developer of the Kred influencer-scoring platform, announced that it has acquired Swaylo, the Facebook analytics specialist that spun off from Facebook's Threadsy acquisition. PeopleBrowsr is already merging the companies' products and plans to retain the Swaylo team.

Software Updates, 2 December 2011

Recently announced software updates:

  • Brandwatch
    Rule-based categorization, tagging, and sentiment coding.

  • BuzzStream
    New UI.

  • Ethority
    Gridmaster: Google+ coverage.

  • Heardable
    Location-based brand tracking, more brands tracked, emailed reports, interactive map interface, 11 social networks now monitored, tweet archive, expanded geocoding & ranking capabilities for Europe, visual site map reports, Pro UI, French & Spanish in Visitor Focus calculations, Foursquare checkin data, foreign language Tweet support, multilingual keyword clouds, "Google plus" brand profiles.

  • Livebuzz
    Facebook page coverage.

  • MutualMind
    MutualMind 1.7.6: data export, Facebook content browsing, UI.

  • PeopleBrowsr
    Playground: Kred integration.

  • Scup
    LinkedIn Groups discussions, email in contact profiles, new fields in data export.

  • Simplify360
    Mass tagging, sentiment coding, assignment; UI.

Software Updates, 28 January 2011

Recently announced software updates:

  • Attensity
    Attensity Analyze 5.5: Data Grid platform for large-scale analysis.

  • JamiQ
    Threshold-based alerts.

  • PeopleBrowsr 1,000-day archive.

  • Position2
    Reports, tag clouds, geography, demographics, LinkedIn integration.

  • Spiral16
    3D mapping. filter templates, more filters, domain view, query analysis.

  • Viralheat
    Human Intent Technology (demo). (via Mashable)




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