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Software Updates, 30 October 2015

Vizia: new app framework, weather and Google Analytics apps.

Redesigned Inbox.

New Twitter/Instagram engagement.

New demographics reports, sentiment analysis.

Nuke Suite 
Updated Convert section, new poll builder.

Improved filters: basic, advanced, tags.

New Time Analysis chart.

Organic lead export.

New tools: News Feed Pulse (competitor content snapshot), Ads in Socialbakers Analytics (Facebook/Twitter ad manager), Listening.

New, downloadable Facebook and Twitter reports.

New Virality Map.

New Brand Hub: share of conversation, audience demographics, trends.

Zignal Labs 
New hashtag widgets.

Software Updates, 7 November 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Buzzcapture
    Broadcast media coverage.

  • Engagor
    Google Analytics integration, upload pictures to Facebook, rule-based alerts on mobile app. Also, new Android app.

  • Locowise
    Facebook Ad Account integration.

  • Networked Insights
    Target custom audiences in demand side platforms (DSPs).

  • Nexalogy
    NexaLive: new public dashboard product.

  • Sendible
    White-label version.

  • Synthesio
    New UI, improved audience segmentation and targeting, manage accounts and permissions across projects, new templates, new Command Center.

  • Tailwind
    Scheduled Pinterest pins.

  • Trendsmap
    Trendsmap Plus: Twitter content from Facebook, performance improvements. UI.

Nexalogy Environics announced Nx API, a REST API that provides access to search, monitoring, and analysis of social media data. Pricing starts at $75/month with an available free trial period.

Software Updates, 6 April 2012

Recently announced software updates:

  • BrandsEye
    iPhone app, crowdsourcing appeals process, phrase bundles, case-insensitive tags, longer history.

  • DataSift
    Media coverage via NewsCred partnership.

  • HootSuite
    Orkut integration.

  • Livebuzz
    Customizable dashboards.

  • Nexalogy
    API input.

Exvisu Becomes Nexalogy Environics

Exvisu has joined the Environics Group and changed its name to Nexalogy Environics. The Montreal-based company specializes in social media analysis as a set of research and consulting services.




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