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New Papers, 2 June 2020

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Someday, this will all be history, and our grandkids will learn about it in school. For now, the world is swimming in uncertainty, and seemingly everyone who works with data is trying to find something to contribute. In this post, I'm collecting free resources from companies in social media analysis. I'll update the list as new resources come online; if I've missed yours, let me know.

2019 ended with my main projects cutting back dramatically, and the current emergency isn't helping. My LinkedIn profile explains what I've been doing beyond this site. Do you have a project that could use some outside help?

New Papers, 17 March 2020

New Papers, 3 March 2020

New Papers, 25 February 2020

NetBase + Quid Merge

NetBase and Quid announced their merger to form NetBase Quid. The combined company will build on social media analysis from NetBase and text analytics from Quid to offer insights from "all forms of structured and unstructured data."

New Papers, 3 December 2019

New Papers, 26 November 2019

Software Updates, 1 November 2019

Instagram and Facebook Channel Manager.

Major update.

Presence: new Listings module.

UI: new interface for adding content to queues.

Instagram image analysis.

Competitor comparison, benchmark custom audiences.

New Papers, 22 October 2019

New Papers, 24 September 2019

New Papers, 6 August 2019

Software Updates, 2 August 2019

Object, action, and scene detection in Image Insights.

Pre-trained logo library for image recognition.

Object detection: weapons and credit cards in images.

New Papers, 30 July 2019

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