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Twitter  introduced a new set of "premium APIs" to fill a perceived gap between the company's standard APIs and its enterprise-level Gnip  services. The first premium API is the Search Tweets API, which provides 30 days of historical data and starts at $149/month. A full historical search API is planned to be next.

Twitter Reveals API Plans

Twitter  announced plans to unify its API platform, eliminating differences between its original APIs and the deeper capabilities it acquired in the Gnip  platform. The company made its API product roadmap available through Trello.

Twitter also released direct message and welcome message endpoints and a new Account Activity API.

Software Updates, 17 March 2017

Performance improvements.

Decahose: Twitter likes.

WhatsApp integration.

Grouping similar results.

VKontakte coverage.

Software Updates, 7 October 2016

Logo detection, filter and metrics by media type.

Audience API: age data.

Radarly app in Hootsuite.

Add RSS sources.

Sprout Social 
Instagram and LinkedIn now included in Group Report.

Major update.

YouNet Media 
Facebook topic data and analytics.

LinkedIn analytics.

Free Facebook page report.

Software Updates, 5 August 2016

Gnip 2.0: URL metadata; enhanced Klout enrichment; new Operators (emojis, cashtags, quoted Tweets, more); longer rules and queries; parity in operators, filtering and enrichments across products; improved reliability.

Semantria available on Microsoft Azure.

Image recognition in video.

UI updates.

Snaptrends 7.0: real-time updates, new Topics tab, use Esri GeoService with folders, block accounts universally.

Sprout Social 
New Facebook Contact View with message history.

New Paid Social Analytics product. pr

Software Updates, 15 July 2016

Twitter age and gender statistics, Topic Explorer (clusters), query refinement tool, audience cluster name suggestion, UI.

BirdSong Analytics 
Expanded Twitter follower reports.

Audience API now generally available.

Broadcast TV and radio coverage.

Spredfast integration.

Simply Measured 
New Social Analytics API, Tableau integration.

NetBase integration.

Sprout Social 
Analyze tagged messages.

ZenDesk and SalesForce integrations, source classification, filter by post type, extended search feature, subscriber metrics for all authors.

Software Updates, 6 May 2016

New engagement statistics dashboard.

Engagement API now GA.


Automated reports.

Twitter engagement data.

Listening integrated in Socialbakers Analytics.

Software Updates, 8 April 2016

Slack integration.

Sonar 2.0: UI updates; new Worldview, YouTube and Mood Map tiles.

Decahose 2.0 (beta): URL enrichment with page titles and descriptions, stream partitioning, improved reliability.

Track URLs in Facebook Topic Data.

Track Facebook reactions.

Software Updates, 26 February 2016

OTT (over-the-top) programming analysis.

Columns in mobile apps.

30-Day Search 2.0 (beta): URL enrichment with page titles and descriptions, improved pagination, longer queries and unlimited clauses within queries, infrastructure changes for reliability.

Fan Grader: free Facebook influencer tool.

New Twitter dashboard.

Instagram Gallery and Adaptive Listening widgets.

New mobile app (iOS/Android).

Software Updates, 18 December 2015

Recap of 2015 updates.

Crimson Hexagon 
Recap of 2015 updates.

Facebook Topic Data: data from 57 countries in Asia-Pacific region.

PowerTrack 2.0 (beta): new data types and enrichments, new operators, new rule capabilities, improved reliability.

Spike: Twitter search results.

Recap of 2015 updates.

Recap of 2015 updates.

Sprout Social 
New Twitter Listening Report.

Software Updates, 23 October 2015

New Insights APIs (Engagement and Audience).

Updated Android app.

New reach and share metrics.

Audience 3D (Twitter Audience API integration).

Networked Insights 
Kairos Audience Insights (Twitter Audience API integration).

Twitter Collections API integration. Also, IBM Universal Behavior Exchange integration.

MAP: major redesign with customizable dashboards, time-based search. Heartbeat: new Instagram metrics.

Filter results by source.

Union Metrics 
Echo: new module with full-archive Twitter search.

Twitter Collections API integration.

Software Updates, 14 August 2015

New Full-Archive Search API. Historical tweets from the beginning of Twitter to the present.

Keyword groupings in Adaptive Listening.

Sprout Social 
Custom VIP list for prioritizing response to Twitter messages.

Twitter  has announced a plan to move all users of Twitter data from its two remaining data resellers to a direct relationship with Twitter. Since the acquisition of its reseller partner Gnip  last year, Twitter already controlled the majority of the market for its data.

In a blog post Friday, the company stated its intention to require all commercial users of Twitter data to acquire that data directly from Twitter, a move that is expected to be completed by mid August:

The next step in working directly with data customers is to transition everyone receiving raw data for commercial use from other data resellers to a direct relationship with Twitter. Twitter immediately started this transition process after acquiring Gnip last May, and we expect to finish the transition by the middle of August this year.

After that transition is completed, companies using raw Twitter data for commercial use—to build products, to analyze internally, and to serve other commercial purposes—will need to have a direct relationship with Twitter. For current Twitter partners and customers, it’s business as usual—they will continue to consume the same data they currently do from Twitter’s APIs. For customers who are still working on transitioning, that process will simply require you to begin consuming data via a relationship with Twitter instead of a reseller.

In a parallel announcement, DataSift  confirmed the news with an announcement that its reseller agreement with Twitter will expire on August 13, and the company no longer expects to be able to negotiate a renewal. To ease the transition for its customers, DataSift plans to offer a Twitter connector to allow customers to bring licensed data from Twitter into DataSift.

Software Updates, 12 September 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Actiance
    Socialite: PeopleLinx tutorials, new Content Library, content capture and archiving for Google+.

  • Augure
    New Augure Influencers module, new filters, new similar influencer search.

  • Gnip
    Historical PowerTrack: performance improvements.

  • Local Measure
    Locations & social account permissions.

  • Measured Voice
    Post, comment to Google+ Pages.

  • Mediatoolkit
    New report view.

  • Talkwalker
    Predefined dashboards, new topic definition UI.

  • Visibrain
    Export mention graph.

Software Updates, 11 July 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • 25trends
    SMART: major update.

  • Crowdbabble
    LinkedIn analytics.

  • Gnip
    New Usage API.

  • Oracle
    Oracle Social Relationship Management: Bahasa, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish language support.

  • Pulsar
    FLOW: rules-based tagging and assignment.

  • Spotistic
    New UI, simplified location search, automated tasklist, Yelp notifications, post publishing & scheduling, email reminders, new metrics.

  • Sysomos
    Tumblr integration (MAP), YouTube analytics (Heartbeat), increased Facebook data.

Software Updates, 2 May 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Brandwatch
    New query operators: hashtags and at_mentions.

  • Clarabridge
    Clarabridge 6.2: Category-Derived Attribute, Context Awareness, enhanced reporting and visualizations, improved performance, Sysomos connector.

  • DataSift
    Content age filtering, increased maximum payload size, GZip and ZLib compression. Also, Tencent Weibo data availability.

  • Gnip
    Amazon Kinesis connector.

  • HootSuite
    OpenQ SafeGuard compliance app.

  • Infomart
    New UI.

  • IQBuzz
    Hashtag search.

  • Linkfluence
    New Radarly mobile app (iOS now, Android planned).

  • Sendible
    Smart Queues recycling.

  • uberVU
    New Boards (user-created dashboards).

  • webLyzard
    Improved map view.

Twitter Buys Gnip

Twitter announced that it has agreed to acquire its data-reseller partner Gnip in a bid to make its data more accessible to customers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Update: In its second-quarter 10-Q filing (EDGAR) with the US SEC, Twitter revealed that the price for Gnip was $134.1 million:

In May 2014, the Company completed its acquisition of privately held Gnip, Inc. ("Gnip"), a leading provider of social data and analytics headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The acquisition is expected to allow the Company to further enhance its data analytics capabilities. Under the terms of the acquisition, the Company agreed to pay $107.3 million in cash and issue a total of 0.6 million shares of common stock including shares of restricted stock subject to continued employment in consideration of all of the issued and outstanding shares of capital stock of Gnip. In addition, the Company agreed to issue up to 0.4 million shares of the Company's stock as a result of assumed Gnip equity awards held by individuals, who will continue to provide services to the Company. The fair value of total consideration of $134.1 million, including the earned portion of assumed stock options and other equity awards, was preliminarily allocated to the acquired tangible and intangible assets and assumed liabilities based on their estimated fair values at closing as follows: $23.2 million to developed technology, $9.3 million to customer relationships, $9.1 million to tangible assets acquired, $5.8 million to liabilities assumed, $6.4 million to deferred tax liability recorded, and the excess $104.7 million of the purchase price over the fair value of net assets acquired was recorded as goodwill. This goodwill is primarily attributable to the potential expansion and future development of the Company's data products, expected synergies arising from the acquisition and the value of acquired talent.

New Papers, 8 April 2014

Brandwatch announced a new version of its API to offer access to full Twitter data. Following an agreement with Gnip , Twitter data from Gnip is now accessible through the Brandwatch API. Previously, license terms had limited the API to delivering tweet IDs only, requiring API users to integrate separately with a Twitter data provider to "rehydrate" the data with tweet content and metadata.

Brandwatch plans to move all its customers to the new API in 2014.

Software Updates, 17 January 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Engage121
    Workflow improvements, case management for engagement, in-tool blocking of disruptive Facebook users, simultaneous post to YouTube and Facebook.

  • Gnip
    VK (VKontakte) coverage.

  • Little Bird
    Topic suggestions.

  • Locowise
    New weekly Facebook benchmarking report.

  • Meltwater
    Meltwater Buzz 3.5: coverage of 140+ review sites, improved engagement analytics, mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Postano
    Postano 2.2: multiple hashtag streams, social hub feed filters, Lightbox improvements, new visualizations.

  • Socialbakers
    Improved monthly reports.

  • Tickr
    DataSift content and filtering.

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