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OBI4wan Acquires Buzzcapture

OBI4wan  announced that it has acquired Buzzcapture  in a market consolidation move. The companies describe the deal as a merging of complementary product strengths in media monitoring and online customer service.

With the backing of major shareholder Main Capital, OBI4wan plans a push for growth in the Benelux region and DACH countries.

Software Updates, 19 February 2016

Internal social network (Yammer) monitoring with Evolve.

Custom User Roles, use canned responses as snippets, add to Twitter lists, Filter on ‘Top Replies,’ agent in/out status, UI.

Slack integration.

Channels: respond to Facebook and Instagram comments, reports.

New query logic (case insensitive, partial string matching). Also, NEAR operator.

Industry Benchmarks.

Automatic Instagram reports.

Support for new Twitter features: DM prompt, feedback request.

Yelp insights and integration.

Sprout Social 
Support for new Twitter features: DM prompt, feedback request.

Synthesio 3.0: major release.

The Swiss marketing agency Goldbach Interactive has posted the results of its annual review of social media monitoring tools. Companies making the top 10 list this year are Brandwatch , Buzzcapture , Engagor , Linkfluence , Media Focus , Oracle , Synthesio , Sysomos , Talkwalker  and VICO .

Goldbach summary 2015

The German-language post provides their detailed analysis and an English-language infographic.

New Papers, 8 September 2015

Online Reputatiemanagement, Alex van Leeuwen (Buzzcapture )

Measure Brand Health in Real Time, Networked Insights 

Software Updates, 27 February 2015

Recently announced software updates:

Instagram authentication.

WhatsApp integration.

Business hours schedules, teams.

Dutch language support.

New Customer Service Dashboard.

Software Updates, 30 January 2015

Recently announced software updates:

Socialite: profile review capture, LinkedIn Sales Navigator compliance.

Export Twitter lists.

Vizia customization tools: localization, animated bar charts, custom colors by query.

images in Social Narrowcast, one-step date-range adjustment for all charts in a report.

Search for questions, time operator, proximity. Also, new publishing module.

Emoji support, text merging in API.

Canvs: emotion benchmarks, new Explore feature (beta).

Autosave for all accounts, time-based feed limits.

Activity Feed 2.0: keyword search, filter by content type.

Software Updates, 14 November 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Actiance
    Streamlined LinkedIn profile edit review process, allow/block features for LinkedIn mobile site.

  • Bottlenose
    Bottlenose Lite (original beta) to shut down in January.

  • Brandchats
    LinkedIn Groups coverage.

  • Buzzcapture
    New Android app.

  • EngageSciences
    Major release. Improved campaign creation wizards, easier social hub creation, new curation and review screens, configurable KPI reporting, usability improvements.

  • Shoutlet
    New customer care module.

  • Socialware
    Automated content recommendation.

  • Synthesio
    Riffle by CrowdRiff integration.

  • YouScan
    Flamp, IRecommend coverage.

Software Updates, 7 November 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Buzzcapture
    Broadcast media coverage.

  • Engagor
    Google Analytics integration, upload pictures to Facebook, rule-based alerts on mobile app. Also, new Android app.

  • Locowise
    Facebook Ad Account integration.

  • Networked Insights
    Target custom audiences in demand side platforms (DSPs).

  • Nexalogy
    NexaLive: new public dashboard product.

  • Sendible
    White-label version.

  • Synthesio
    New UI, improved audience segmentation and targeting, manage accounts and permissions across projects, new templates, new Command Center.

  • Tailwind
    Scheduled Pinterest pins.

  • Trendsmap
    Trendsmap Plus: Twitter content from Facebook, performance improvements. UI.

Software Updates, 17 October 2014

Recently announced software updates:

Software Updates, 11 April 2014

Recently announced software updates:

Software Updates, 21 March 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Buzzcapture
    Author-based alerts.

  • Coosto
    Twitter impressions metric.

  • LeadSift
    Updated lead analytics dashboard.

  • Lissly
    Post to Facebook and Twitter, UI.

  • Little Bird
    New Standing feature (shows connections between a Twitter user and topical influencer communities).

  • MutualMind
    New query syntax visualization.

  • SocialFlow
    Audience and engagement metric display on publishing page.

  • Tracebuzz
    Real-time alerts and chat.

Software Updates, 3 May 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Buzzcapture
    Radio and TV monitoring.

  • MutualMind
    Language and location filters in topic setup.

  • Synthesio
    New report builder with PDF/PowerPoint export.

  • Viralheat
    Social login (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+), Explore (real-time search of Twitter, Facebook, Google+).

Software Updates, 22 March 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Blogmeter
    Facebook fan location by country, Twitter Engagement Map (profile scoring by followers and mentions).

  • Buzzcapture
    PeerReach integration.

  • Netvibes
    Rebuilt on new version of core API.

  • Recorded Future
    Custom entity lists, rebalanced search results.

  • Simply Measured
    UI, one-time reports.

  • Telligent
    Inline and pop-up notifications.

Software Updates, 1 March 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Buzzcapture
    Buzz Care: customer contact information, contact history.

  • Crimson Hexagon
    New data sources: Sina Weibo, consumer review sites including Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Epinions.

  • DataSift
    Tasks tab (new); manage recording and exporting of output data.

  • Dinamize
    LiveBuzz: URL shortener, geolocation statistics and maps, Facebook integration updates and Livebuzz features to replace discontinued Facebook search features.

  • Sysomos
    Twitter trends, Twitter bio search, Google+ Fan Page analysis, new Supervisor and Director roles.

  • ThinkUp
    Twitter API 1.1 support.

  • Viralheat
    New APIs: Human Intent, Monitoring, URL Shortening, Publishing.




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