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Colligent has rolled out its new name and a software update. Both the company and its software platform—previously Affinity Map—have been rebranded Affinity Answers.

As CEO Sree Nagarajan explained, "The name reflects our own belief that we're not simply providing our clients with data, software, insights, consulting, or targeting. Rather, we're focused on using consumer affinity data to provide them with answers to their specific brand marketing questions. That belief led us to change the name of both the company and the service we provide."

Colligent Finds What Fans Also Like

Colligent dashboardColligent launched its tool for analyzing consumer affinities revealed in online social network activity. The system counts actions (such as favorites, likes, and retweets) in the top social networks to determine fan engagement with a large set of identified entities.

Analysis in Colligent is focused on finding non-obvious correlations in the fan populations of multiple entities, such as brands, bands, media, and celebrities. Starting with a set of fans of a brand, for example, the system identifies radio stations, TV shows, bands, songs, and other brands that are also liked by the same fans. The system includes filters to narrow its search by geography, demographics, and market segments.

Colligent's initial customers are major media companies, who are exploring the system's usefulness in sales, marketing, and programming. The company plans to expand its focus from the music and television industries to consumer brands early next year.




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