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New Papers, 31 October 2017

New Papers, 4 July 2017

New Papers, 16 May 2017

Visibrain interfaceVisibrain  has replaced its Twitter monitoring tool with a new media monitoring platform that covers a broader range of online sources. Oriented toward PR and communications users, the new product offers flexible alert options, as well as the expected charts, filters and mentions views.

Pricing starts at €1300 / £1000 per month, with tiers based on mention volume. All account levels include unlimited topics and users.

New Papers, 6 September 2016

Software Updates, 17 October 2014

Recently announced software updates:

Software Updates, 12 September 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Actiance
    Socialite: PeopleLinx tutorials, new Content Library, content capture and archiving for Google+.

  • Augure
    New Augure Influencers module, new filters, new similar influencer search.

  • Gnip
    Historical PowerTrack: performance improvements.

  • Local Measure
    Locations & social account permissions.

  • Measured Voice
    Post, comment to Google+ Pages.

  • Mediatoolkit
    New report view.

  • Talkwalker
    Predefined dashboards, new topic definition UI.

  • Visibrain
    Export mention graph.

Visibrain announced that it has closed its first external financing round with Bouygues Telecom Initiatives and 3T Capital. The size of the deal was not disclosed. Visibrain's SMA platform focuses on analyzing Twitter data in France.