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ESW Capital Acquires FirstRain

ESW Capital announced that it has added FirstRain  to its portfolio of business software companies. FirstRain will be managed by ESW affiliate Ignite Technologies, which will offer FirstRain to its existing Ignite Prime customers.

ESW Capital is a buy-and-grow investor whose portfolio includes the recently acquired Jive Software.

Software Updates, 15 July 2011

Recently announced software updates:

  • FirstRain
    Role-based workflow, smartphone apps.

  • MutualMind
    MutualMind 1.6.2: report generator, sources.

  • Scup
    Data export fields, item detail page, filter by minimum retweets.

  • Socialmetrix
    Twitter analysis.

  • Traackr
    Daily updates, filtering.

  • Trackur
    Custom alert-sender address, read-only profile option.

Software Updates, 30 July 2010

Recently announced software updates:

  • FirstRain
    Folder setup wizard.

  • Jamiq
    Infrastructure upgrades; user-selected default filters; expanded markets, sites, and media lists; automated translation.

  • NetBase
    ConsumerBase: increased analysis throughput, stream widget, topic manager.

  • Noteca
    User-scored sentiment and spam removal, Twitter search, one-click reporting.

  • UberVU
    Multiple Twitter accounts.

Software Updates, 25 June 2010

Recently announced software updates:

  • Brandtology
    Digital Conversation Management System 2.5: new metrics, chart sampling, cross-topic summaries, social media equity chart, conversation thread analysis, bookmarking.

  • FirstRain
    Personalized view, industry briefs and research, enterprise-wide licensing, subsidiary tracking, UI updates.

  • Sysomos
    FourWhere: Gowalla and Yelp coverage.

Software Updates, 14 May 2010

Recently announced software updates:

  • Attensity
    Attensity360: Klout integration.

  • BrandsEye
    Improved learning algorithm for media source analysis.

  • Brandwatch
    Summary component.

  • FirstRain
    UI update, document printing, filtering of management change reports.

  • uberVU
    UI update, content filtering.

Free Economic News from FirstRain

FirstRain has offered "Eye on the Storm," a free, twice-daily report on the economy and financial markets, since June 2008. Today, the company added free samples of current reporting to their company web site. New widgets highlight selected coverage of US layoffs and municipal bonds. Sample industry and company reports are available on request, limited to 5 per person.