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New Papers, 19 September 2017

New Papers, 5 September 2017

Conversocial Acquires HipMob

Conversocial  announced that it has acquired HipMob to expand its live chat capabilities. The company plans to combine live chat with social media and messaging platforms for an integrated customer engagement environment.

New Papers, 14 March 2017

New Papers, 31 January 2017

Software Updates, 4 November 2016

New SEO metric, SEO Impact via Moz integration.

Quick replies and welcome messages in Direct Messages. Supported by:

New Papers, 12 July 2016

New Papers, 19 January 2016

Software Updates, 8 January 2016

New sentiment conversion metric, user-customizable dashboards, UI.

Search for saved or tagged articles in Universal Search.

Changes to lead discovery engine.

Facebook Video Insights integration.

Recap of 2015 updates.

Software Updates, 13 November 2015

Facebook Messenger integration.

New Audience3D (profiling based on Twitter’s Audience API).

Spike: Reddit coverage.

Clusters 2.0. Also, Historics preview by day.

Explore Workbenches in Analyze, new English sentiment engine, Android app (beta), API, data export, in-app notifications, LinkedIn and Instagram support in command centers.

New Smart Themes

Software Updates, 3 July 2015

Hashtag and geo-location monitoring on Instagram.

Updated Instagram map widget.

Little Bird 
Social Capital (Twitter analytics).

Tags, user-adjusted sentiment. pr

New Ontology-Based Topic Detection API.

Post tagging.

New 7- and 30-day historical views.

New UI, Share of Voice metric, configuration wizard, detect/annotate entities in GEMET (General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus published by the European Environment Agency), process YouTube and other video sources, metadata view, keyword filtering.

New Papers, 30 June 2015

New Papers, 31 March 2015

New Papers, 17 February 2015

New Papers, 20 January 2015

New Papers, 4 November 2014

Software Updates, 3 October 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Brandwatch
    Vizia: redesigned Admin section.

  • Conversocial
    Cirrus (contact center) integration.

  • HootSuite
    Updated Synaptive YouTube app: bulk upload and schedule videos, increased search/monitor streams, UI.

  • IQBuzz
    New HTML UI replaces Flash.

  • Locowise
    User-defined dashboards. Also, hashtag analytics.

  • Mention
    Redesigned analysis UI.

  • Tracx
    New multi-topic entity queries, IBM Coremetrics integration, publishing upgrades.

  • Viralheat
    New Mentions indicator, create task from direct/private messages, sentiment trend chart, redesigned publishing extension (Flint), segment Twitter monitoring by gender, country, and language.

New Papers, 23 September 2014

Software Updates, 15 August 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • CIC
    Expanded Weibo coverage and metrics. Global expansion with 67 languages and 190 markets following post-acquisition integration of Fisheye Analytics.

  • Conversocial
    Automated workflow routing for customer service teams.

Software Updates, 1 August 2014

Recently announced software updates:

  • Actiance
    Import APIs, content capture & archiving, autoposting from content library.

  • Brandwatch
    New Twitter Hindsight (access to complete history). pr

  • Conversocial
    Instagram integration.

  • Local Measure
    Filter by post type (photo, Instagram video, Facebook review), filter notifications by poster.

  • Mention
    Tag cloud, filter by topic.

  • SocialFlow
    Geographically targeted tweets. Also, new Chrome extension.

  • Synthesio
    Visual Query Builder, Twitter demographics, saved filters.

  • Visible
    Geographic analysis improvements.

  • Wobot
    Respond in VK, Twitter and Facebook, user-level permissions, English-language reports.